Immaculata Kids Newsletter for Catholic Families

Simply Explained Marian Devotion for Children

Here at Immaculata Kids, it is our mission, through our newsletters, to promote the beautiful concept of Marian Devotion within the lives of Catholic families by creating sweet little stories that explore some of the many wonderful Marian apparitions from throughout history and show kids how they can apply Marian intercession and devotion to their everyday lives. 

We strive to spread Marian Devotion to Catholic Families.

“Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.” ~ Saint Francis de Sales

What do subscribers get?

➤ A beautifully illustrated letter with a new original watercolour image of Our Lady in every letter.

➤ The story of a different Marian apparition is included in every letter. 

➤ Each letter is printed on high-quality paper.

➤ A personalized prayer card featuring a new prayer and an original Marian watercolour illustration embellished with each child’s name as specified by the subscriber.

Hello there and welcome, I’m

Maria von Hatten

Catholic Children’s Literature Author & Marian Devotion Advocate

Every since moving to Canada with my family when I was four years old, Marian Devotion is something that has been very present in my life. I remember going with my mum and my siblings to Rosary Group every Tuesday after morning Mass to make Rosaries for the missions. I loved planning and planting Mary gardens at each new house we moved to and making blueberry flavoured desserts on Marian feast days. Praying the Rosary in bed as I fell asleep and learning about new to me Marian Apparitions.

As I got older, I was surprised to learn that many Catholics weren’t introduced to Marian Devotion the same way I was when I was little. This made me sad and got me wondering if there wasn’t a way that I could change that in some small way.

That is when I created Immaculata Kids!