Daily Marian Feast Days December

Daily Feast Days of Mary for the Month of December ~ Includes Free Printable

December Daily Feast Days of Mary

Did you know that there are daily feast days of Mary? Pretty much every day of the whole year is one Marian feast day or another. This is a list of this month’s daily Marian feast days. If you make it all the way to the bottom of this post, then you are in for a FREE printable.

December 1st ~ Our Lady of Ratisbon, Bavaria ~ 1842

A French Jew named Alphonse Rathisbonne was not a religious man. He was an intellectual who was not interested, nor believed in anything spiritual. This was not uncommon in the 19th century, however unfortunate. Alphonse’s brother Theodore was quite the opposite, converting to Catholicism and later even became a priest!

In the year 1841, Alphonse went to Rome where he met Baron de Bussiere who asked him to wear a Miraculous medal and recite St. Bernard’s prayer the Memorare daily. Alphonse agreed to oblige the Baron and did as he was asked.

On January 20, 1842 Monsieur de Bussiere saw Alphonse walking along the street. Wanting to be polite, Monsieur de Bussiere invited him into his carriage. Monsieur de Bussiere was headed towards Saint Andrea delle Fratee church to meet with one of the priests there. Alphonse went into the church with him.

Alphonse began to get rather bored in the church. He wandered about aimlessly, trying to kill the time. Suddenly, all but one part of the church seemed plunged in darkness. The only light there was was shining on the chapel. Looking there, Alphonse was astonished to she the Blessed Mother bathed in the light. He started going closer to her and she motioned for him to kneel.

As he knelt, he suddenly became aware of the sad state of his soul. He longed to be a part of Christ’s church. He saw finally that mankind had been redeemed by the Blood of Jesus. The Blessed Mother had not said a word to Alphonse, but all of these things came rushing through his heart.

Shortly after this occurrence, Alphonse was baptized a Catholic. He devoted the rest of his life to converting others to the faith.

December 2 ~ Our Lady of Didinia, Cappadocia, Turkey

December 3 ~ Our Lady of Victory, Paris ~ 1629

December 4 ~ Our Lady of La Chapelle, Abbeville ~ 1400

December 5 ~ Our Lady of the Jesuits College, Rome ~ 1584

December 6 ~ Our Lady of Seez, Built by St. Latuin ~ 5th Century

December 7 ~ Notre Dame of Paris ~ 1550

December 8 ~ The Immaculate Conception

December 9 ~ Our Lady of the Conception, Naples

December 10 ~ Transition of the House of Loretto

December 11 ~ Our Lady of the Angels

December 12 ~ Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 13 ~ Our Lady of the Holy Chapel

December 14 ~ Our Lady of Alba Royale, Hungary

December 15 ~ Our Lady of the Armed Forces

December 16 ~ Our Lady of Amiens, France

December 18 ~ The Expectation of Our Lady

December 19 ~ Our Lady of Toledo

December 20 ~ Our Lady of Molene

December 21 ~ Our Lady of St. Acheul, Amiens

December 22 ~ Our Lady of Chartres

December 23 ~ Our Lady of Ardiliers, Aniou

December 24 ~ Christmas Eve

December 25 ~ Christmas Day

December 26 ~ Our Lady of Acheropita

December 27 ~ Institution of the Knights of Our Lady

December 28 ~ Our Lady of Pontoise

December 29 ~ Our Lady of Spire, Germany

December 30 ~ Our Lady of Bologna

December 31 ~ Eve of Mary Mother of God

feast days of mary

You can download a printable color-in list of the above mentioned daily Marian feast days. Simply click on the image above to download.

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