Lent Calendar for Children

Lent Calendar Countdown

This Lent Calendar is a printable countdown calendar for children to color. My kids color the calendar in the liturgical colors. The Lent Calendar as a visual tool to keep track of the days leading to Easter.

We color our calendar using the following manner: days 1-40 are colored purple with the exception of Sundays and special feast days that are left white. The Sundays in Lent are not counted in the 40 days since they are to remind of the Resurrection and are days of feasting and not fasting.

Some of the feast days that are celebrated during Lent in 2021 include:

  • Chair of St. Peter – February 22 (Day 5) – color in white
  • St. Polycarp – February 23rd (Day 6) – color in purple
  • St. John of God – March 8 (Day 17) – color in purple
  • St. Patrick – March 17 (Day 25) – color in purple
  • St. Joseph – March 19 (Day 27) – color in white
  • Annunciation of the Lord – March 25 (Day 32) – color white

The fish symbols mark the days in which Catholics are to abstain from meat.

Lent begins on February 17th this year. If you are looking for ways to make Lent more meaningful, check out my Lent Activities blog post with over 40 ideas to celebrate Lent with children.

There are activities from other Catholic bloggers and include crafts, activities, games, and recipes, too. Included in that list are the prayer journals and a printable Paschal Candle that I created especially for families like yours.

When you download your Lent Calendar and use it with your children, tag me on Instagram using @immaculatakids or use the hashtag #immaculatakids. I would love to connect with you there. And don’t forget to share this post to spread the faith.

Catholic Resources for Lent

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