A Simple Letter to Baby Jesus – Advent Calendar Day 4

Many years ago, when I first began homeschooling my children, I knew that I wanted the children to have a relationship with Jesus, but I didn’t have the first clue how to achieve this. 

I read blogs and books and gleaned from those with more experience. Some of the activities that we did back in those early days, are traditions in our home now.

One of the advent traditions we started in those early years was to write a letter to baby Jesus.

letter to baby Jesus pin

Write a Letter to Baby Jesus

At this time of year kids like to write a letter to Santa and ask him for all sorts of things. It is a fun pre-Christmas activity.

However, encouraging children to write a letter to baby Jesus is a meaningful way to prepare for Christmas that isn’t based solely on material things.

Writing a letter to Jesus might seem more difficult and intimidating to a child. They might not know what to write about at first. 

Here are some suggestions to help your child write a Christmas letter to baby Jesus:

  • wish Jesus a Happy Birthday
  • tell Jesus how you are preparing for Christmas
  • tell Jesus who you are praying for and ask Him to help them
  • tell Jesus what you are wishing to receive on Christmas 
  • thank Jesus for all your blessings (family, friends, pets, toys, etc.)

For this activity, I made two different letter templates for you to choose from. The first one uses primary lines and the other has solid lines. 

When your child is finished, encourage him or her to leave the letter for baby Jesus on Christmas Eve under the tree, in a special stocking or in front of your nativity set at home. 

In return, you can leave a little thank you note or gift in its place on Christmas morning. 

The printable Letter to Baby Jesus is part of the 2019 FREE Christmas Printables Advent Calendar. It is now available on Teachers Pay Teachers as part of a Christmas Activities Bundle. It includes all of the 2019 Advent Calendar Printables in one convenient download.

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