12 Beautiful Prayers Catholic Children Can Learn and Memorize

Teaching a child to pray is one of the greatest gifts that a parent can give their child. 

When we teach a child to pray, we help them to grow closer to God and to build a relationship with Him. We teach them about love.

The 12 prayers that I am recommending are very well known, but also very powerful prayers. These are prayers Catholic children should be taught and learn to love.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the words, there are a printable version and some prayer book suggestions at the end of the post to help you out.

I purposely didn’t include the ‘Sign of the Cross” because you pray it at the beginning and end of each prayer.

12 Prayers Catholic Children Should Learn

Our Father (The Lord’s Prayer) – Jesus is the ultimate teacher and He taught us to pray to the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew Chapter 6 and it is prayed at every Mass.

Our Father Prayer

Hail Mary – This is the first prayer that I teach my children. It is one of the only prayers that I memorized as a child.

Hail Mary Prayer

Glory Be (Doxology) – This prayer is a holy prayer glorifying the Holy Trinity. This is one of the shorter and simpler prayers and is one of the easier prayers for young children to learn.

Glory Be Prayer

Saint Michael Prayer

Saint Michael Prayer

Meal Blessing Prayer

Meal Blessing Prayer

Guardian Angel Prayer – Children find it comforting to know that they have a guardian angel who watches over them. Encourage them to not only recite this prayer but to have conversations with their guardian angel.

Guardian Angel Prayer

Fatima Prayer

Fatima Prayer

Act of Contrition Prayer

Act of Contrition Prayer

Apostle’s Creed – This prayer is the first prayer of the rosary and it sums up the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

It is also prayed at every Mass, except at Masses when the priest prays the Nicene Creed.

Apostles Creed Prayer

Morning Offering Prayer

Morning Offering Prayer

Hail Holy Queen – This beautiful prayer is important for older children to learn. It is prayed at the end of a rosary.

It not only honors Mary but also requests that she pray for us and assist us in attaining our heavenly home.

Hail Holy Queen Prayer

Memorare – The Memorare is another very powerful intercessory prayer. I encourage the older children to pray this when they are suffering, or when someone else requests urgent prayers.

Memorare Prayer

Other Prayers Worth Teaching…

Some other prayers worth teaching your children is the Spiritual Adoption Prayer, St. Gertrude Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory, Come Holy Spirit prayer, the Angelus and the Anima Christi.

FYI: The Anima Christi is one of the prayers memorized in Pam Barnhill’s Lenten Morning Time Plans.

There are so many beautiful prayers. You will never know which one will be a particular favorite of your child’s.  Teaching them that they have heavenly help is very comforting to children.

Many of these prayers were never taught to me as a child. I really wish I had learned them and been taught to pray them.

Unfortunately, many mothers lament not being taught to pray as young children. My generation, in general was very poorly catechised. 

We can make the difference in our generation and in the generations to come by learning these prayers and teaching them to our children. 

Our Favorite Prayer Books for Children

The board book Let us Pray by Katie Warner is my 2 year old’s favorite prayer book. She loves to ‘pray along’ with the family using this book. 

It includes most of the prayers listed above. This book would make a lovely baptism gift.

Catholic Baby’s First Prayers is a sweet little board book for toddlers. They love to carry this one around with them and peek through the pages.

Catholic Prayers for Children by Hope Johnson is a hardcover book with a beautiful selection of prayers. This book would make a lovely gift for First Communion or Easter.

Printable Prayer Cards

The collection of Catholic Prayers Children Should Learn is available in my Teacher Pay Teachers (TpT) Store.

Check out our other Printable Prayer Cards

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  1. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher, Ms. Lizzie! Both the Guardian Angel and the Glory Be are great first prayers, but the Glory Be is likely easier because it is like the sign of the cross. Good luck and God Bless.

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