Printable Pascal Candle for the Domestic Church

Printable Paschal Candle for the Domestic Church

Living out our faith in the domestic church is one way to give our faith action and meaning. As an adult and cradle Catholic, I learned that I knew almost nothing about the faith. My oldest child’s first-grade religion text had so many things in it that I had never even heard of.

It was humbling, to say the least. I had always gone to Catholic school and Sunday masses and yet I couldn’t even explain to my child why we have a Paschal Candle and what the symbols mean.

On the off chance that you were either brought up in a similar school to mine or you are a recent convert, I am sharing with you some of the things I learned about the Paschal candle and help you celebrate this coming Easter with your own Paschal candle.

The Symbolism of the Paschal Candle

Flame – The flame of the candle represents the pillar of fire that banished all sin in the resurrection.

Light– The light of the candle represents the light of Christ that shines through the darkness.

Cross– The cross on the candle is the symbol of the crucifixion and the way in which Christ redeemed the world from sin and death.

Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) – The Alpha and Omega symbols are used to describe Christ as the beginning and end of all things.

Year – The year reminds us of God’s presence now and that He remains with us always.

Incense – The grains of incense (the yellow crosses on the printable) are inserted on each side and in the middle of the cross to present the five wounds of Christ.

Assembling Your Paschal Candle

To assemble your Paschal candle you will need a 7-day devotional candle, a pair of scissors, some tape or glue, and the FREE printable Paschal Candle.

After you print out the Paschal Candle, you will have to trim the ends to fit your candle height-wise. There are light grey lines to use as cutting guides for the 7-day devotional candle. If you use a different type of candle, you can adjust accordingly.

You can also trim the side if you’d like. I trimmed ours on the one side so that the printable so that the pink lace detail matched up without a gap. Now you can use glue or tape to fasten the printable on the candle.

We light our candle on Easter Sunday and light it at dinner time during the Octave of Easter, and during prayer time throughout the Easter season. You can light it on baptismal anniversaries, birthdays, or when you want to offer up special intentions.

It would be nice to used candles blessed on Candlemas, or to have your candle blessed by a priest. It isn’t necessary, but blessed candles are powerful sacramentals.

The printable Paschal candle is one of the many activities you can do with your family to celebrate the Liturgical Year. If you are looking for more activities and printables to make Lent more meaningful, check out the 40+ Lent Activities for Catholic Families and grab your Lenten Calendar. Don’t forget to Pin this post for later, and to share it with your Catholic friends.

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