Saint Andrew Novena ~ A Special Advent Tradition

If you are looking for an advent devotion that will help you meditate and prepare your heart for Christmas, consider praying the Saint Andrew Novena.

Traditionally, the novena is recited 15 times a day beginning on the Feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle (November 30) until Christmas. 

This beautiful prayer helps bring our focus and attention on the true meaning of Christmas.

Saint Andrew Novena ~ An Advent Tradition

This prayer is one of my favourite family advent traditions. It is the prayer that helped our family turn family prayer time from something that happened on occasion into a habit.

One year, I printed out some free ‘Saint Andrew Novena’ prayer cards, laminated them and made a Saint Andrew Chaplet. We gathered as a family to pray the novena before bedtime almost every night that year.

It wasn’t perfectly recited by any means. Some of us grew restless, on occasion a child would fall asleep and some nights we forgot to pray the novena altogether.

BUT, over time a habit was formed and everyone got used to gathering to pray. That year Christmas came and went and when January arrived we realized that something was missing.

We stopped praying together when the novena ended and there was an odd void come January. 

It was then  that we decided to gather for family prayers every evening like we did during advent. The Saint Andrew Novena helped us form this habit and has stuck (more or less) ever since.

Praying with young children can be stressful and not very prayerful at all. If you don’t pray together as a family, I am not one to judge. BUT, if you are looking for an ‘excuse‘ to get into the habit, the advent season is a great time to start.

How to Pray the Saint Andrew Novena

Over the years, I have heard and read about the various ways that Catholics pray this novena. The novena prayer is recited 15 times a day and as far I know, there is no one right or wrong way to practise this devotion.

  • Place prayer cards or posters around the home – every time you see a prayer card or walk past the poster, you recite the prayer.
  • At meal times – recite the novena 5 times at each meal.
  • Using a chaplet – on a St. Andrew Chaplet with 15 beads, you recite the prayer once on each bead.
  • Using an App or screensaver – using any of the above methods. Pray a novena every time you use your phone, at meals times or all at once. This St. Andrew Novena app keeps track for you. Press the Amen button add the end of each recitation. It resets each day.
Saint Andrew Novena pin

Free Printable St. Andrew Novena Cards

Over the years, and several babies later our Saint Andrew Novena cards are looking pretty ratty. The toddler was really rough on the cards last year. 

Because I can’t remember where I found the original cards, I decided it was time to make a new set. I hope these cards are a blessing to you and your family, too.

I created two different sets for you. One set is in colour and the other is in black and white. I thought it would be nice if a child wanted to colour their own card to use during the novena. My kids certainly like to. 

The Saint Andrew Novena Poster is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Saint Andrew Novena Poster

saint andrew novena

Do you pray the Saint Andrew Novena with your family or on your own? I am curious, do you pray the whole novena in one sitting or do you spread it out throughout each day?

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God Bless and have a blessed Advent.

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  1. I was guessing that maybe you were a blogger, Tina, because of the polished blog that your daughter has. So thanks for posting this link, it’s a great one! I had no idea about this novena. It’s funny that it’s called a novena if it’s 15 days! But all the better to really ingrain the habit of prayer. I will print off your cards very soon, thanks for sharing them and God bless your family!!

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