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A Catholic Prayer for Families | Send Your Guardian Angel To Mass

When you are unable to attend Mass, did you know that you can send your Guardian Angel to Mass in your place? If you didn’t know this, you are not alone. I just recently learned about this tradition. 

There is also a very beautiful prayer that you can pray to send your Guardian Angel to Mass when you are unable to physically attend Mass.

I promised a dear friend that I would teach my children this prayer. Would you join me in teaching your children to pray this special little prayer? 

I made it super simple and created a set of printable prayer cards for you. Below is a sample of the prayer. You can download a set of four here.

Send Your Guardian Angel to Mass

Send Your Guardian Angel to Mass Prayer

This is the beautiful traditional prayer that you can pray every day that you are unable to attend Mass. It can be prayed at any time and not just during a worldwide pandemic when Masses are canceled to the public. 

We can include this prayer as well as the Spiritual Communion Prayer during family prayer time as a way to feed the soul spiritually when it can not be fed sacramentally.

Our Guardian Angel is a special gift from God and is our companion on our earthly journey. On the Memorial of the Guardian Angels in 2018, Pope Francis spoke about the role of the Guardian Angels and how they are our gateway to encountering God. He explains:

“Our angel is not only with us; he also sees God the Father. He is in a relationship with Him. He is the daily bridge, from the moment we arise to the moment we go to bed. He accompanies us and is a link between us and God the Father. The angel is the daily gateway to transcendence, to the encounter with the Father: that is, the angel helps me to go forward because he looks upon the Father and he knows the way. Let us not forget these companions along the journey.” 

As beautiful as this prayer is, I do however realize that this prayer is quite long and might be a bit of a stretch for really little ones to memorize. 

If you have little ones who either are very little or extremely fidgety during prayer time, please know that you are not alone. Prayer time in our home can be a complete gong show on the best of days. 

Kids are kids and through no fault of your own, peaceful and prayerful family prayer time can be so difficult to achieve. I think it goes without saying that we can just try to do our best and know that our efforts do not go unnoticed.

Memorizing prayer and scripture is something that a few of my kids really enjoy. Some of my other children struggle with memorization and I always try to remember that it is not my job to make them learn, rather it is my duty to teach them to the best of my ability and let God fill in the gaps.

Over the years, I have been humbled into learning a few things about teaching children to pray. The following are some of the things that have helped my children settle into our family prayer time and help them in their prayer life.

Tips for Teaching Children How to Pray

  • Pray for them. When they are too little, simply pray out loud for them. Eventually, they will know the words by heart. 
  • Make time for prayer as a family. This was key for us. Until we set a time for family rosary and prayers, it was very sporadic. It began one Advent with the St. Andrew novena. If you want to know more, check out my post on the St. Andrew Novena *hint there are FREE prayer cards for that one, too.
  • Memorize a new prayer as a family. Since we homeschool, we just make this part of our morning basket. Simply choose a prayer to memorize. We use a method of memorization that is similar to Ken Ludwig’s. (Author of How to Teach Your Child Shakespeare)
  • Sing your prayers or listen to them sung. There is something amazing about music and the connections it forges in the brain. Music is sung slower and more articulated than the spoken word and is easier for little children to understand and emulate.

  • Create a prayerful atmosphere. In our house, one of us dims the light by closing curtains or blinds and someone usually lights a candle. I love real candles, but busy toddlers have helped me come to appreciate a flameless candle in its place. A home altar or dedicated prayer space is nice, but not necessary. 
  • Child-friendly sacramentals and books can help children focus during prayer time. Again, each child is different and you will know best if these items are helpers or distractions. 
  • Patience. Developing a prayer life is not as simple as you’d think and sometimes we can feel like our efforts are all in vain. I can’t promise that it will ever be perfect, but I can promise you that none of your prayers or efforts go unnoticed by God.
  • Ask your child’s Guardian Angel to pray for them, protect them, and guide them in their prayer life. 

I hope this prayer helps you and blesses your family prayer time. Share this post with anyone you feel might be blessed by it.

I would also love to hear your tips on teaching children how to pray? Do you have any tricks that work for your family? Leave them in the comments below.

Send Your Guardian Angel To Mass – Prayer Cards

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